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Central Office
Robert Greene - Director of Schools
Julie Lofland - Administrative Assistant to Director of Schools and Board of Education, Family Engagement Coordinator
Dr. Melanie Miller - Supervisor of Instruction
Missy Boyd - Secretary to Supervisor of Instruction
Janey Morris - Supervisor of Exceptional Learning
Linda Comerford - Information Specialist
Susan Freeman - Finance Administrator
Ramona Wright - Accountant/Payroll
Teresa Kwiram - Benefits and Payroll Coordinator
Ray Grant - Transportation Supervisor, Human Resources Recruiter
Bob Harrison - Assistant Transportation Supervisor/ Safety Coordinator
Eddie Arnold - Supervisor of Maintenance
Connie Ricks - Secretary to Support Services
Yvonne Raper - Supervisor of Food Service
Janet Derrick - Food Service Bookkeeper
John Dyer - Technology Systems Supervisor/Fixed Assets
Linda McGill - Coordinated School Health Supervisor
Amy Sewell - Coordinated School Health Assistant
Dr. Melanie Miller - Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
System Wide
Leslie Clary - Kids Connection Data Entry/Bookkeeper
Angie Dahle - Kids Connection Coordinator
Connie Akers - System Wide School Nurse
Anthony Smith - Technology Curriculum Coordinator/Technician
Crystal Miller - Family Resource Director
Michele Clunie - Kids Connection Site Director for CP and WS
Molly McLean - Director of Special Education/Psychologist
Ed Constant - Technology Technician
JoLea Behrens - District Executive Master Teacher
Brittany Derrick - Kids Connection Site Director for IS and NC
Larry Lane - Camp Oo-Tah-Nee-Noh-Chee Director
Kimberly Weathersby - Kids Connection Site Manager at the Middle School
Mickey Harrison - Speech Language Pathologist
Athens City Middle School
Mike Simmons - Principal
Becky Bryant - Mentor/Art Teacher
Beth Bottoms - CDC Assistant
Cheryl Russell - Secretary
Shawn Carman - Math Intervention Teacher
Kristina Cain - 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Traci Carpenter - Exceptional Learning Teacher
Laura Castellani - Exceptional Learning Teacher
Marsha Cook - Instructional Assistant
Gale Cooley - Media Specialist
Leanne Shell - Sixth Grade Science Teacher
Debbie Moore - Instructional Assistant
Amanda Duckett - Seventh Grade Math Teacher
Megan Golden - Mentor; Math Teacher
Josh Goodman - Eighth Grade Math Teacher
Amanda Million - Seventh Grade Language Arts Teacher
Andrew Kimball - Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher
Bill Martin - PE Teacher
Dawn Martin - Eighth Grade Math Teacher
Robert Owens - Assistant Principal
Addison Harris - Seventh Grade Social Studies Teacher
Ginger Robinson - Gifted Program
Kelsey Sinzinger - Sixth Grade Math Teacher
Ashlie Pryor - Receptionist/Technology Assistant
Elizabeth Franks - ESL Teacher
Janice Smith - Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher
Sandy Starr - Mentor; Computers Teacher
Jacqueline Traer - Girls PE Teacher
Travis Tuggle - Eighth Grade Social Studies Teacher
Kevin Winters - Master Teacher
Ali Rayfield - Mentor/Eighth Grade Science Teacher
Kristen Combs - 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Kathy Jones - Cafeteria Manager
Ryan Armstrong - 7th Grade Math Teacher
Lauren Meyers - 6th Grade Self-Contained Teacher
Diane White - Pathway Teacher
Joshua Bragg - Music/Theatre
Roxanne Dingess - Guidance Counselor
Morgan Kilpatrick - 6th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Kady Carroll - 7th Grade Science Teacher
Esther Strasser - 7th Grade Language Arts Teacher
Danielle Mazza - Instructional Assistant
Abbie Headrick - Band Teacher
Bradley Kirkland - Library Assistant/Lunchroom Monitor
Tonya Hipps - Enrichment Instructional Assistant
City Park School
Kristine Walden - Principal
Michelle Haney - First Grade Teacher
Angela Brown - Second Grade Teacher
Ashlee Byrd - First Grade Teacher
Jennifer Cansler - Pre-K Teacher
LuAnne Coffman - Pre-K Teacher
Pam Clark - Secretary
Trent Giles - PE Teacher
Nancy Davis - Kindergarten Teacher
Karen Gable - Pre-K Assistant
Lauren Derrick - Kindergarten Teacher
Melissa Geren - Pre-K Assistant
Stefanie Gose - Second Grade Teacher
Darlene Haney - Cafeteria Manager
Kendra Johnson - Mentor; First Grade Teacher
Kelley Key - Master Teacher
Laura Moss Fulbright - Kindergarten Teacher
Candace Scruggs - Special Education Teacher
Sharen Ray - Title Teacher
Rita Quarles - Pre-K Assistant
Tammy Yates - First Grade Teacher
Jennifer Rhome - Instructional Assistant
Peggy Rose - Second Grade Teacher
Teresa Riggin - Second Grade Teacher
Amy Sherlin - Mentor; Pre-K Teacher
Robin Smith - Instructional Assistant
Kathy Tallent - Music Teacher
Carol Green - Guidance Counselor
Sylvia Pelley - Reading Specialist
Michelle Hansford - Instructional Assistant
Megan Millaway - Kindergarten Teacher
Kati Wallis - First Grade Teacher
Allyson Frazier - Second Grade Techer
Jessica Robinson - Kindergarten Teacher
Lisa Littleton - Art Teacher
Mandy Anderson - Media Specialist
Patty Powell - Instructional Assistant
Lisa Whitlock - Instructional Assistant Pre K
Ingleside School
Debbie Harrison - Principal
Christy Boring - Pre-K Teacher
Patti Rae Bryant - Pre-K Assistant
Darlene Carroll - Pre-K Assistant
Beth Caulfield - Master Teacher
Jessica Cherry - First Grade Teacher
Wanda Crockett - Second Grade Teacher
Marc Davis - PE Teacher
Becky Delaney - Kindergarten Teacher
Joyce Duncan - Second Grade Teacher
Stephanie Hammonds - Kindergarten Grade Teacher
Kim Hurst - Second Grade Teacher
Charlene Martin - Secretary Part-Time
Pam McClanahan - Pre-K Teacher
Chrissi McConkey - First Grade Teacher
Karen Mickelsen - Mentor/Title 1 Teacher
Dee Moore - Secretary
Rebekah Nesbitt - Kindergarten Teacher
Micki Parr - Pre-K Teacher
Becky Patterson - Instructional Assistant
Heather Presley - Pre-K Assistant
Sharon Queen - Cafeteria Manager
Denise Ratledge - Art Teacher
Carol Russell - Mentor; Kindergarten Teacher
Ashley Priest - First Grade Teacher
Kristen Teague - First Grade Teacher
Zully Vasquez - Instructional Assistant
Jennifer Walker - Second Grade Teacher
Kristen Maulden - Media Specialist
Sharon Morrow - Guidance Counselor
Mary Wilson - Speech/ Language
Sarah Colburn - Pre-K Teacher
Tammy McCullough - Food Service
Joan Walker - Food Service
Louisa Brackett - Food Service
Amanda Hall - Reading Specialist
Margie Witt - Pre K Special Ed Assistant
Chesney Farris - Instructional Assistant
Lindsey Trotter - Kindergarten Teacher
Ashley Coffey - Music Teacher
Olivia Blazer - First Grade Teacher
Dyan Winters - Second Grade Teacher
Missy McJunkins - Custodian
Latoya Moore - Cafeteria Monitor
Jennie Chase - Special Education Teacher
Christine Davis - Interim Pre K Teacher
Amy Littleton - Special Ed. Instructional Assistant
North City School
Holly Owens - Principal
Alison Barnett - Fourth Grade Teacher
Rodney Biddle - Fifth Grade Teacher
Katy Buckner - Media Specialist
Julie Breaux - Secretary
Edmund Graack - Interventionist
Angel Hardaway - Master Teacher
Kristin Harrison - Fourth Grade Teacher
Amber Hicks - Third Grade Teacher
Carol Ingram - Fifth Grade Teacher
Joyce Dumont - Special Education Teacher
Tina Jenkins - Mentor/Guidance Counselor
Kerri Lawson - Reading Specialist
Angela Kesley - Third Grade Teacher
Rachael Coxey - Fifth Grade Teacher
Jill McDonald - Fourth Grade Teacher
Debbie Gentry - Instructional Assistant
Kim Goodwin - Resource Assistant
Angie Newman - Food Service Manager
Sue Senn - Title 1 Reading and Math Teacher
Tamara Smith - Mentor; Fifth Grade Teacher
Sharon Guiles - Third Grade Teacher
Ginger Robinson - Enrichment Teacher
Martha Arnwine - Kitchen
Tony Carpenter - Custodian
Shirley Kennedy - Kitchen
Joyce Longwith - Kitchen
Valerie Henry - PE Teacher
Ashley Coffey - Music Teacher
Brooke Moore - Third Grade Teacher
Amanda Guffey - Fourth Grade Teacher
Taylor Bailey - 3rd Grade Teacher
Alice Wallace - Special Education Instructional Assistant
Tarah Allen - Interim 4th Grade Teacher
Lori Giles - Instructional Assistant
Jonathan Berry - Interim 5th Grade Teacher
Westside School
Tracy Lee - Principal
Sonya Bivens - Master Teacher
Tara Comerford - Mentor; Third Grade Teacher
Jana Forrest - Fifth Grade Teacher
Karen Franks - Mentor/Fifth Grade Teacher
Julie Hardaway - Fifth Grade Teacher
Tabatha Jones - Fifth Grade Teacher
Susan Kilby - Instructional Assistant
Donna Smith - Instructional Assistant
Leslie Martin - Fourth Grade Teacher
Buffy McDonald - Third Grade Teacher
Lois McLemore - Cafeteria Manager
Christy Medrano - Title 1 Teacher
Lori Parente - Secretary
Renee Pettitt - Third Grade Teacher
Ruthye Thompson - Title I Instructional Assistant
Jason Wallis - 4th Grade Teacher
Meredith Ziegenmier - Reading Interventionist
Jennifer Wisz - Fourth Grade Teacher
Gloria Versa - Instructional Assistant
Karessa Cunningham - Third Grade Teacher
Kathy Tallent - Music Teacher
Tammy Shamblin - Third Grade Teacher
Kim Toomey - Speical Education Teacher
Kim Bridges - Media Specialist
Amanda Lunnen - Guidance Counselor
Julie Miles - Fourth Grade Teacher
Stephen Stansill - PE Teacher
Brandy Peake - Art Teacher
Tonia Dessinger - Instructional Assistant
Jared Melander - Interim Guidance Counselor

Athens City Schools  ι  943 Crestway Drive  ι  Athens, Tennessee 37303  ι  423-745-2863

The mission of the Athens City Schools System, in partnership with the community, is to provide opportunities for all students to develop intellectually, socially, physically and morally in order to live as a contributing member of an ever-changing, multi-cultural society.

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