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ACS Student Registration 2020-2021

Students entering Kindergarten must be five years of age on or before August 15 (MUST have proof of birth).  Children entering First Grade must have attended a State Approved Kindergarten.   

If you have questions regarding what school your child is zoned to attend, please visit our School Zone document or call 745-2863 for assistance. 

Please complete the form below. 

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Parent or Guardian Information #1:  (If any phone number or address listed changes, please contact the school immediately.)

Does student live with you?*
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Do you have custody?*
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Parent or Guardian Information #2

Does this student live with you?
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Do you have custody?
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Does either parent/legal guardian presently serve in the*
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Emergency Contact Information (other than parent).

SchoolCast Numbers:  Used for school communication by voice/text for attendance, safety, weather, school announcements, etc.  Providing us with this information gives Athens City Schools permission to contact you using SchoolCast.  If you have changes or wish to be removed, please notify your child's school.

Has student ever attended Athens City Schools?*
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Special Services he/she receives: (Pick all that apply)*
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Does your child have special health needs that may require special care during school hours?*
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STUDENT RESIDENCY INFORMATION- As part of the ESSA requirements, each school registrant should complete the following information.

Where does the student stay at night?*
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Thank you for registering your student with Athens City Schools.  The principal or designee of the school  you are applying to attend will be in contact soon.

Before your student can attend any Athens City Schools, you will need to provide the following information to the school principal or designee.  At this time, due to COVID-19,  please gather these documents and have them ready when the school asks for them.  

1. Proof of Birth

2. Proof of Address- 2 documents must be provided- i.e, utility statement, driver's license, or any document verifying name and address.

3. Immunization Record on a TN Certificate of Immunization

4.  Updated Physical for Kindergarten- Physical must be completed during the current year (after January 1, 2020)

5.  Custody Paperwork (if applicable)


There MUST be a complete medical examination for every student entering school.  The required TN Child Health Record must be on the Certificate of Immunization developed and authorized by the TN Department of Health.  The immunization and physical exam will be recorded on the Certificate and placed in the student's school record.   



Thank you for registering your child at Athens City Schools!