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Director of Schools
Welcome from Mr. Robert Greene, Director of Schools

I am happy that you have chosen our school system or are considering our system for your child's education. Our system comprises three schools - Athens City Middle School, Athens City Primary, and Athens City Intermediate. Our educators and staff are highly qualified to provide your child with the best education possible. If at any time you have questions or need additional information about Athens City Schools, please call us at 423-745-2863 or email a member of our central office staff. We also invite you to visit us. For directions, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your address.


Our History

The Athens City Schools System was established in 1903 when Forest Hill Grammar School was the only public school in Athens. Professor J.C. Ridenour was principal and also superintendent of the school system. In 1923, another school in north Athens, now known as North City School, was added to the city school system.

In 1938 Ingleside Elementary School was constructed to accommodate an increasing population, and 12 years later in 1950, City Park School was erected. In 1955 the system was operating four, first through eighth grade elementary schools and one, first through 12th grade African American School, the J.L. Cook School, which was operated in conjunction with the McMinn County School System until the mid-1960s when all schools were integrated.

After much research and study, the decision was made to switch from a first through eighth grade structure to a kindergarten through sixth grade and seventh through ninth grade structure in 1966. This change required the construction of the Athens Junior High School, now known as Athens City Middle School. Construction continued in 1971 when Forest Hill Grammar was sold to Mt. Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in 1974, due to its age and need for renovation, and was replaced by Westside School.


Other high points in the history of the School System include the addition of bus transportation in 1974, several building renovations and technology updates and the restructuring of the schools in 1993, which created two kindergarten through third grade schools, two fourth through sixth grade schools and one seventh through ninth grade schools. In 2011, the System underwent another reorganization. Currently, the Athens City Schools System includes two Pre-K through second grade schools, two third through fifth grade schools and one sixth through eighth grade school.


Leadership for the System throughout the years has remained consistent in providing excellence for the students it serves. Superintendents for the System have included Professor J.C. Ridenour, Mrs. Hazel Bacon, Professor W.F. Whitaker, Dr. Robin Pierce,Dr. Craig Rigell, Robert Greene and Dr. Melanie Miller. 


Mission and Core Beliefs:


The mission of the Athens City Schools system is to provide high quality education and well-rounded experiences for the health, mind, and body of all students.


We Believe:

  • Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and cultural needs.
  • Education is a life-long journey for both students and teachers.
  • We believe some of the greatest learning comes from making mistakes. We must create a safe learning environment for our students and teachers.
  • We believe in a growth mindset for both teachers and students. Believe it and we can achieve it.
  • Self-esteem, self-discipline, and respect for others and their cultures are essential for a safe and successful learning environment.
  • Learning is a shared responsibility between students, teachers, parents, and community members.
  • Programs and/or instructional decisions should be based on proven practices and educational research.
  • It is important to develop well-rounded students who have opportunities in a wide variety of experiences.
  • Technology is an important tool for learning.
  • Both career and college readiness are equally essential for a successful educational experience.
  • Our schools are a vital resource to the city of Athens.
  • Students deserve educators who are highly qualified and representative of the school community