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Enrollment Process for Immigrant Students

ACS Procedures for Identification and Educational Services for Immigrant Children


  • ESL teachers will use the following information from the Home Language Survey:
    • Birthplace
    • When did the student enter the US?
    • Has the student attended another school in the US?
  • If identified as foreign born and entering the US less than three years prior, the student will be identified as Immigrant.
  • A student will be considered an Immigrant for the first three years he/she is in the US.
  • Students identified as Immigrant will be reported by the ESL teachers to the school secretary for correct coding in the student management system.
  • Periodic review of student data in EIS will be conducted by the Information Specialist to determine accuracy.
  • Immigrant students are eligible for any or all services provided in their schoolwide programs if meeting program-specific criteria, including, but not limited to, School Lunch, Title I, IDEA, ESL, McKinney-Vento, Migrant, PreK, and/or 21st Century Before and After School Care.