Scholars Summer Program » Second Grade

Second Grade

City Park


  • Read at least 20 minutes a day
  • Read different genres of books
  • Read for a purpose such as the directions on a recipe or how to assemble a game
  • Summer library program
  • Epic!:
  • Play games to build vocabulary like Apples To Apples, Taboo!, Pictionary, Scattergories, Bananagrams, etc
  • Write letters to your friends, a relative, or teacher (address to CP)
  • Write a letter to your favorite author
  • Summer journal
  • Any apps for reading, phonics, etc.



  • Reflex Math:
  • Multiplication flash cards to prepare for 3rd
  • Play dominos
  • Let kids count our money to pay for things or just counting random amounts or coins
  • Do time checks through the day for clock skills to the five minute mark
  • Hula hoop math facts
  • Multiplication hopscotch
  • Use hula hoops and sidewalk chalk to make analog clocks
  • Use jump ropes and chalk to make number lines and hop to skip count or add
  • Play Battleship, Monopoly, Yahtzee