Staff Directory

Central Office & Systemwide Personnel

Central Office/Systemwide Position
Belinda Allen Admin. Asst- Special Education, Coordinated School Health, Pre K,  IEP and Tuition Coordinator
Melody Armstrong Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction/Assistant Director of Schools
Joe Barnett Director of Schools
Missy Boyd Admin. Asst-Director of Schools/ Board/ Maintenance
Andy Cate Software/Database Technician
Leslie Clary Kids Connection Bookkeeper/ Data Analysis
Linda Comerford Admin. Asst- Exceptional Learning/Info Specialist
Lisa Cranfill Supervisor of Finance
John Dyer Lead Technician
Ray Grant Asst. Transportation Supervisor/ Recruiter
Dr. Andrew Kimball Supervisor of Federal, Safety, Specialized Programs
Teresa Kwiram Admin. Asst- C & I, Support Services
Julie Lofland Family Engagement/Coordinated School Health Director
Cameron Looney Maintenance Worker
James McCullough Supervisor of Transportation
Molly McLean Supervisor of Special Populations & Pre K
Crystal  Miller Social Worker PreK-5
Angie Newman Supervisor of Food Service
Bob Owens Supervisor of Facilities & Attendance
RaRa Schlitt Physical Therapist
David Sherwood Maintenance Worker
Melissa Takada Accounts Payable, Agency Benefits Coordinator
Ramona Wright Finance Accountant/Payroll
Transportation Employees  
Dianna  Akins Bus Driver
Chester  Brown Bus Driver
Randy Key Bus Driver
Tony  Manney Bus Driver
Paul  Mason Bus Driver
Larry  McMahan Bus Driver
Anna  Moser Bus Driver
Joey Smith P/T Bus Driver
Johnny  West Bus Driver
Carol  McClendon Bus Monitor
Food Service Employees  
Martha Arnwine Food Service
Janice   Ballew  Food Service   
Nicole  Baxter Food Service   
Ebbie  Benson Food Service   
Louisa Brackett Food Service
Connie  Brackett Food Service   
Anna Brown Food Service
Kristina Bruner Food Service
Sherry Burns Food Service
Lori Giles Food Service Bookkeeper
Joanie  Harris Food Service   
Courtney Jackson Food Service
Stephanie Johnson Food Service
Kathy Jones Food Service   
Juleah Kelly Food Service
Kim Morris Food Service
Kallee Moses Food Service
Kylie Pettit Food Service
Sharon  Queen Food Service   
LaDana Robinson Food Service
Tamara Walkowiak Food Service


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