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Building Program Updates

Athens City Schools:  Building the Future


The Athens City Council met on Tuesday, February 2nd, and voted unanimously at the Called City Council Meeting to fund and approve the Phase 1 and Phase 2 building projects for Athens City Schools. Phase 1 includes a new PreK- 2nd grade Athens City Primary School, and Phase 2 consists of a new Athens City Schools Intermediate School for Third- Fifth Grade, which will be constructed on the current City Park School campus. The two buildings operate as two schools under one roof. The construction for the entire Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects is expected to be completed by Fall of 2023. The Athens City School Board met this morning, February 3rd at 9 a.m. in a Called School Board Meeting, and voted unanimously to approve the project. We are thankful for the support from our City Manager, City Council, Director of Schools, and School Board to reach this history making decision to build new schools for our students, staff, and community!


The new construction is underway at the City Park site and Athens City Middle School.  The clearing of trees, moving of dirt, and anticipation of exciting times ahead keeps everyone at Athens City Schools smiling! The new facilities will include an outdoor amphitheater, outside classrooms, and over 100 new trees planted throughout the campus and playground areas.   The unique design features state of the art technology, media centers, special education suites, nursing clinic facilities, and gymnasiums.  


Athens City Middle School will also receive renovations during this time of construction. This will include a new Softball Complex, Soccer Complex, and additional parking for visitors and staff to attend these athletic events.


It is exciting times at Athens City Schools as we see the construction of the new Athens City Primary PreK- Second Grade School and Athens City Intermediate Third- Fifth Grade School being built for the future of our students and community! 


Athens City Schools invites you to schedule an appointment to take a tour in one of our schools to see the great things happening in the classroom.  Excellence Is…Athens City Schools.

Presentation to Athens City Council on Intermediate School - January 2021
Daily Post Athenian TV- Interviews with Dr. Melanie Miller, Director of Schools and Seth Sumner, City Manager discussing the upcoming Sales Tax Referendum and Potential School Consolidation
ACS Fact Sheet on Potential Building Program 
Traffic Study Report
School Building Options:
Site Assessments:

11/15/16- ACS Staff met with Architect on Facility Analysis Studies of current buildings and sites

11/21/16- Joint City Council and Board Work Session with Architect

2/27/17- Joint City Council and Board Work Session with Architect

3/13/17- ACS School Board approved traffic study around CP and ACM campus beginning this week until end of school year.  Workers and traffic cameras will be located on different streets and intersections. 

5/24/17- Traffic Study Report