Scholars Summer Program » Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade



  • For 7-10 days in a row, write a detailed account of your daily activities.  Include a detailed description of what you ate, the weather, what you wore, and activities you participated in.  Use sensory details and advanced vocabulary.  Include dialogue, your thoughts, and descriptions of other people's actions.  This can be written like a journal or like a story.
  • Research Latin and Greek roots.  Create an alphabetical list of words using these roots.  Write the words, the meanings, and draw a picture illustrating the word.  (Examples:  bio, chron, graph, gram, meter, tele, dict, flect, flex, struct, vers, vert, vis, vid)
  • Read 20 minutes per day.  Keep a log of the book and pages read each day.
  • Read a novel, and THEN watch the movie adaptation.  Write about the differences between the two.  Which one did you like better, the book or the movie?  Why?